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24 Hour Wildlife Rescue And Care . Origins began in Leyburn Qld many years ago by me Maria Barry. 
24 Hour Wildlife Rescue And Care is a 24hr group working in a voluntary capacity. We rely on donations to help us cut our personal costs for enormous medical bills and specialised feed bills. 
Sponsorship is welcome, and we are looking at an adopt-an-animal option to let the public become personally involved from wherever they live via sponsorship. 
We are a not for profit group, donations over $2 are tax deductible and we also have an ABN and individual liability insurance.
Where possible I will try to attend fundraising events and will give educational talks within the community. Scouts, schools and community groups .If you would like to help in any way – either by donations please. Please follow instruction on this page, We need people who can assist with materials and building of aviaries and pens etc. pickups and overnight care in emergency situations when a full time carer isn't immediately available.
Anyone interested in becoming a carer in the Darling Downs Area must be prepared to undergo training with a mentor, attending workshops when required, and you will also be bound by the same rules as each of us - as set down by the Department of Environment and Resource Management. 
You will be part of a friendly group of people who all work individually yet together, for the greater good of our Australian wildlife.

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